Project Description

These are the projects that I like to design the most. Use only fonts and black and white. For this project I have used the fonts of the computer and other downloads from:, since the computer does not have so many.

As in a typographic project, I have used the fonts, and in order not to put any words, and have coherence with the project, I have written the names of each font.

In this project I have designed: a tray, a poster, a folder, a game, a sweater/jumper and a book.

For both the tray, the folder and the game box (wood), I have designed something simple. Simply with the word TYPOGRAPHY on black vinyl. On top of the box is the word MEMORY and when you open the box the word ENJOY, on black vinyl, except for the folder, in white.

The poster design and the methacrylate tray can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

I wanted to design a game, so that I could have a good time with friends and family. So I have designed a Natur-memory, but typographic. It is a memory game. I have used some fonts. Some complex and others simpler, to have a variety of styles. For the cards of the game, I have used a cardboard of 120gr and laminated, so that it does not deteriorate. To save the game, I wanted something very natural. And I found the perfect box. Square and the appropriate size of the cards, and made of wood. On the four sides of the box, on vinyl is the word TYPOGRAPHY. At the top the word MEMORY, and when you open the lid, the word ENJOY, since it is a game to enjoy and have fun and sharpen your memory.

For the sweater/jumper, I had planned to do a completely different design, but it was too ornate, and I went for something simple. The first design was to make a ribbon with the word Typography vertically, marking the height of the design and then, and putting the fonts, and then stamping it as I have said, creating a ribbon / line on the front and back. But it was too busy, so I opted to put the word TYPOGRAPHY, since it has 10 different fonts.
Finally, I have designed a book talking about the history of typography and the anatomy of it (typography).